Pre-Travel Vaccinations TN_nurse-holding-a-injection-needle-animated-gif

Our goal is to provide quality preventive travel medicine by supplying the traveler with the knowledge and ability to be in charge of his or her own wellness while traveling abroad. We provide a complete consultation with pre-travel evaluation, vaccination review and administration of appropriate vaccines, and pertinent prescriptions. We offer a comprehensive pre-travel consultation for the pleasure and business traveler. The consultation consists of a complete evaluation of your itinerary, your medical history, and previous vaccinations. We recommend and administer those vaccinations pertaining to you and your trip. All pertinent vaccinations and prescriptions are provided at the time of your visit. We offer a full complement of vaccines including Yellow Fever vaccine for which we are an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Center. We also track and administer necessary booster vaccines as needed.

Pre-Travel Medication graphics-medical-medicine-634490

We provide you with prescriptions which you will need to keep your travel safe including malaria prophylaxis medications, traveler’s diarrhea treatment, and other appropriate medications. Your consultation will cover all the necessary elements of your health while traveling abroad.

Groups El Salvador Trip February 2005-II 077

Group consultations are available for large groups traveling such as for missionary trips. These group consultations are available to be provided at a place other than our travel clinic to accommodate your group. Special arrangements will be required. Please contact the office to inquire about group consultations.

Pre and Post Travel ExaminationsMTLLM6grc

Pre-travel physical examinations are available with prior arrangements. Post-travel follow up care can be arranged if you become ill during or after your travel. These examinations and evaluations are coordinated through Atlanta ID Group.  Please contact our office to assist in these arrangements.

College Vaccinations  vaccine-flu-shot-154

We also offer vaccinations required for admission to colleges and universities including Varicella-Zoster virus (chickenpox) vaccination, meningococcal vaccination, tetanus vaccination, and measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccination.

Routine Vaccinations F1.medium

For your convenience, we offer the influenza “flu” vaccine and other non-travel related vaccines to the general public including the shingles vaccine (Zostavax).

Fees credit card

We offer competitive rates for vaccinations. Your consultation fee plus the cost of the anticipated appropriate vaccinations that you will need will be discussed with you prior to your arrival to Peachtree Travel Clinic.  Most insurance companies do not cover travel-related immunizations as these are considered “preventive medicine”.

We recommend payment at time of your visit and you will be supplied with a copy of your bill so that you can submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are all accepted as well as check and cash payments.


To be ready for your visit, please complete the following forms.
If you are new to the travel clinic, then please complete this form for New Clients.
If you have been to the travel clinic before, then please complete this form for Established Clients.
If you are just requesting non-travel related vaccinations, then please complete the Vaccination Request Form.

You may fax the forms to (404) 835-8513  or you can bring the forms with you to your appointment. You may also email the forms to, but please note that emails can not be guaranteed to be confidential or secured.